What Does Earthwork Mean in El Paso Construction?

A yellow heavy earth mover digging a large hole in the ground and scooping dirt into a white truck in El Paso.There are many different terms used in the El Paso construction industry. Earthwork is one of the most common and yet least understood of these terms. While the term might sound confusing, earthwork has a straightforward and logical explanation. If you’re curious about what it is and want to learn more about earthwork, you’ve come to the right place. 

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What is Earthwork in Construction? 

The literal translation and definition of earthwork in construction refer to something that’s made of the earth. For example, field commanders often constructed their defenses out of earthworks in the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Trenches, constructed hills, and other barriers made of earthen materials are all considered earthworks. 

While the El Paso construction industry doesn’t use earthwork the same way battle commanders did, it still means the same thing. Earthwork means that you’re taking the earth, whether it be dirt, rocks, trees, and other things, and refitting it to meet your needs. This could mean building a hill, dam, or reinforcement to stabilize a house or road. 

Is Earthwork the Same as Excavation? 

Many people are unfamiliar with earthwork, but most know what excavation is. While the two terms don’t mean the same, they are often used interchangeably. Earthwork is a huge part of the excavation, which is digging into the earth and moving it around for a specific purpose. Earthwork doesn’t mean the same thing as excavation if you’re building a dam that doesn’t require extensive digging.

What is the Purpose of Earthwork? 

The purpose of earthwork in construction is to make something stronger or more solid than it was before. In most cases, this refers to bases and foundations or even the foundation beneath the foundation. For example, the foundation of a house often refers to the blocks or bricks on which it stands. The foundation must be constructed properly if you want a sturdy home that will last forever. 

However, it’s equally important that the foundation beneath your home is just as sturdy as your home’s foundation. For that reason, construction companies will often resort to earthwork to ensure that the dirt, rocks, and other earthen materials that support your home are strong and stable. This often means moving dirt around, reinforcing it with other materials, and packing it tightly so that your house has a solid base. 

While some construction projects require minimal earthwork, others require a complete reshaping of the terrain. 

What are Examples of Earthworks? 

If you’re still confused about what earthwork services are and how they’re used in construction, here are a few examples that will help clear things up. These examples are also a good way to know if you need to invest in an earthwork company to aid you in your construction project. 

  • Digging and trenching 
  • Dams with earthen reinforcement 
  • MSE and other types of retaining walls 
  • Excavation 
  • Backfilling holes, trenches, and ditches 
  • Clearing land or soil from an area 
  • Site development 
  • Bulldozing 
  • Wash out services 

Earthwork is a broad sweeping term that can mean many different things. In general, however, if you have a project that involves any type of resurfacing, digging, excavating, or other forms of working with the earth, LB & Sons is the team to call. 

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