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As the region’s most experienced drilling contractors, LB & Sons continuously provides the best drilling services to many industries. Being based in El Paso since 1979, we’ve amassed many reviews from clients across commercial, government, and industrial sectors.

Over the decades, our team has worked on countless ground conditions, collecting expertise and specialized equipment along the way. Today, our experienced team is known for reliable and dependable drilling across the region.

For drilling that you can count on, look no further than LB & Sons!

Drilling Contractor Providing Rock, Pier, Low-Clearance, & Foundation Drilling to the Southwest


Rock Drilling

Let Us Drill The Hard Rock For You!

Struggling to drill through rock? Traditional rock barrels take too long, whether it’s unforeseen issues or timeline constraints LB & Son’s can help with the next generation in rock drilling. With the market-leading cluster drills, ranging up to 48″ in diameter, we specialize in commercial rock drilling.

Our Cluster Drilling Service

Cluster drills combine multiple down-hole drills into a single canister. Cluster drills are custom engineered and manufactured to meet each customer’s unique hole size requirements. The drills are short, lightweight, and compact, allowing us to adapt to many geotechnical platforms. With the use of quick-change bits, we can change the head of the drill without fully disassembling the drill.

Our Innovative Commercial Rock Drilling Solutions

We aim to keep projects moving forward, stay on budget, and decrease overhead. Our knowledgeable team will move the project forward, with the best rock drills the market has to offer. We offer large hole cluster drilling that can penetrate any type of aggregate or soil.

Specialty Drilling Services We Offer

The ground of the Southwest, contrary to the beliefs of some, is incredibly varied even in the same region. As such, we offer specialty services for the following ground environments:

Slurry Use
Dry Rock Drilling
Loose Soil

We Have The Equipment For Any Job

When it comes to rock drilling, having the right equipment is crucial for a job well done. For this reason, the LB & Sons fleet of drills is vast and varied.

Simply put, we have a drill for the job, no matter how big or small it might be. Our equipment is unique, meaning we have the right answers for even your most ambitious projects.

Hole Drilling

Hole drilling is, by all intents and purposes, an art form. It may look simple on the outside, but there is a great deal of consideration and care that goes into each hole drilling project. As such, it requires a deft and experienced hand in order for the end results to exceed all expectations.

Unique Equipment We Provide

The hole drilling game is one in which requires a unique understanding of aggregates, machinery, and safety. At LB & Sons, we place a premium on safety, all while providing high-rate customer service. As for hole drilling, our team can work on different kinds of aggregates, such as sand, rock, caliche, and loose soil. Our fleet has the perfect drill for nearly every project imaginable in the Southwest.

Our Fleet Of Drills

No matter your situation, our drills can take care of the project presented. We can provide:

Auger Drilling: A spiral drilling tool is attached to a motorized shaft and forced into the ground.

Cost-Effective, Expert Drilling

We continuously strive to provide cost-effective services that won’t cut back on quality. Our team is licensed to work in Texas and New Mexico. So, no matter what you need, we’ll be there to provide the best hole drilling services possible.

Pier Drilling

Our Pier Drilling Services

Since the Southwest is primarily desert, the ground can be unstable and too soft in many areas to build strong structures upon it. Our services can create pillars to make your foundation capable of withstanding the weight and traffic of a busy building.

Our rigs can power through the ground with no issues. As such, we offer a variety of pier drilling services, including:

  • Foundation Pier Building
  • Utility Pier Building
  • Substation Pier Building
  • Commercial Drilling
The Pier Drilling Process

Pier drilling uses an auger to be able to drill deep into the ground. It’s mainly used to create piers and columns used to place a foundation and structure upon. This process is used for unstable ground that can’t support a structure on its own. Piers are built deep enough to be able to hit solid ground or bedrock, which can provide support to hold a structure above it. We see this fairly often in the El Paso region due to our desert landscape.

Foundations That Require Pier Drilling

We use this process when there are factors such as intense soil erosion or expansive soils, apparent uplifting focus in the soil, a weak and unstable topsoil layer, or horizontal forces acting against the foundation.

Low-Clearance Drilling

Sometimes, the circumstances of the drilling job require specialized equipment that can fit in tight, unforgiving areas. Some drilling has to take place in areas with low clearance or even indoors, which is where low-clearance specialized drills come into play.

Our drill fleet comes equipped with top-of-the-line low clearance drills to tackle those seemingly-impossible projects. We believe that nothing is impossible when it comes to drilling, and our low-clearance drills are pocket powerhouses that prove our point.

Our Low-Clearance Drilling Equipment

Our fleet of drills features two low-clearance drills that are essential to our work:

  • MAIT Midi Drill
  • Ecoline 35 Drilling Rig

Our team is well-acquainted with these drills and uses them frequently to achieve drilling success where others can’t.

What To Expect From Our Low-Clearance Drilling

Low-clearance drilling can come in handy in a plethora of scenarios. Since LB & Sons, has been in the industry for so long, we’ve faced the most unique and seemingly impossible tasks head-on. Before long, however, we were able to figure out a solution and complete the task within the desired timeframe.

Our experienced drilling crew can quickly assess the situation and navigate tight areas for quality results. If you’re stumped on a particular drilling job, it’s time to call LB & Sons!

Choose Us for All Your Drilling Needs!

Our drilling offerings are the pride of our team, and we use our extensive knowledge of the Southwest’s rock and soil to get results. We are always improving our experience and adding to our fleet to help our clients reach their goals. Contact our team today to learn about our equipment and how we can help your next project!

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