Rock Drilling 


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Let us Drill the Hard Rock 

Struggling to drill through rock? Traditional rock barrel's take to long, whether its unforeseen issues or timeline constraints LB & Son's can help with the next generation in Rock Drilling. With the market leading cluster drills, ranging up to 120"in diameter, we specialize in commercial rock drilling.

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What is Cluster Drilling?

Cluster Drills combine multiple down-hole drills into a single canister. Cluster drills are custom engineered and manufactured to meet each customer's unique hole size requirements. The drills are short, lightweight, and compact, and allowing us to adapt to many geo-technical platforms. With the use of quick change bits, we can change the head of the drill without fully disassembling the drill.

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Innovative Rock Drill Solutions for Commerical Drilling

We aim to keep projects moving forward, stay on budget, and decrease overhead. We have a knowledgable team to move the project forward, with the best rock drills the market has to offer. We offer large hole cluster drilling that can penetrate any type of aggregate or soil.

LB & Sons, Inc. proudly provides LP Rock Drilling Services!

We use our own team of experts and top quality equipment to meet our clients demands. Check out the animation of an LP Rock Drill.

Specialty Services Include:

  • Dry Rock Drilling
  • Sand
  • Rock
  • Caliche
  • Loose Soil
  • Granite
  • Bedrock

When it comes to rock drilling, having the right equipment is crucial for a job well done. For this reason, the LB & Sons, Inc. fleet of drills is vast and varied.

Simply put, we have a drill for the job, no matter how big or small it might be. Our equipment is unique, meaning we have the right answers for even your most ambitious projects.

LP Rock Drilling the New Way to Drill. Video courtesy of Center Rock.