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When most people think of construction, they may think of heavy drilling, concrete pouring, or other typical images. And while these may be accurate, much of the work occurs before any ground is broken or concrete is prepared. Utility locating is one such service, and it’s a vital aspect of safe and cost-effective construction.

At LB & Sons, we are proud to offer high-quality utility locating services. Across the Southwest, we’ve helped countless clients discover utilities and save both time and money while staying safe during their projects. To learn more about the service and how we can help your team, contact us directly to receive more information!

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What Is Utility Locating?

Utility locating simply refers to the act of locating and marking of underground utilities that are near any potential construction area. This is highly important if any major drilling is necessary for the project.

Utility locating can find utilities of many types including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Sewer and storm
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Communications
  • Electrical

Why Is Utility Locating So Important?

Many, many construction projects have to be conducted on top of or near existing infrastructure. Most cities consist of layers and layers of underground constructs and installations, and many utilities are part of that. When getting ready to conduct a project, it may not be apparent if any utilities may be in the way. Professional utility locating solves that problem by safely probing the area for any utilities that need to be avoided.

Avoid Damaging Utility Lines, Unexpected Delays, and Fines

Without utility locating, you may run the risk of damaging a public or private utility, which could result in major fines and an overall delay in your project. This can occur by drilling or cutting into existing infrastructure, which means the involved parties may charge a hefty fee based on how long the utility is out of service. While you wait on the company to fix the issue, your equipment and workers must sit idle. This means more money is spent and your project timeline may even be delayed.

There are many facets of construction where cutting corners is highly inadvisable, and utility locating represents one of them. The LB & Sons team would be happy to help you avoid costly mistakes and craft a smooth construction experience.

The Utility Locating Process

Our utility locating process utilizes state-of-the-art equipment like ground-penetrating radar and vacuum trucks to safely detect and probe the ground without risk of damage. Once we’ve detected utilities, we can then mark their location and relay that information to your team. That way, your team is aware of the utility, what type of utility it is, and how best to navigate around it.

Our utility locating services can be used as a standalone offering or as part of a larger project. Regardless of the scope of your utility locating needs, our team is confident that we can help you achieve your goals.

Say Goodbye to Utility Mishaps with LB & Sons!

At LB & Sons, we are proud to offer services that help clients from the beginning of a project to the end. Our utility locating services help clients begin their project on the right foot, and can allow their team to drill and build with confidence.

To learn more about utility locating and how our team can help, be sure to contact our team!

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