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Vacuum Excavation Services in El Paso, TX

<b>Vacuum Excavation Services in El Paso, TX</b>

When it comes to construction sites, be they small or large-scale, it’s necessary for all excess soil to be moved or removed in a quick, efficient manner. Hydro excavation is one such method. Apart from being cost-efficient, hydro excavation has become one of the most preferred digging processes because it offers better damage control compared to other methods. It also limits accidents and injuries for employees. If you’re in the Southwest region and you require hydro excavation services, then contact us to learn more about our hydro excavation services!

Hydro Excavation for All Your Needs

Our hydro excavation services can make construction tasks that require moving of soil easily, such as:

  • Manhole Installation
  • Pole Installation
  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Slot trenching
  • Piling hole excavation
  • Remote excavation
  • Much more!

How Hydro Excavation Works

As its name suggests, hydro excavation makes use of high-pressure water to easily cut through soil by breaking it up. Once the soil is broken up, an air vacuum lifts the remaining slurry, leaving the excavation area free from any debris. It may sound complicated but the process leads to simple, effective results. Due to the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of this process, hydro excavation has become a go-to choice in the industrial field, especially when it comes to digging.

The Advantage Of Hydro Digging

Not only is hydro digging accurate and effective, but it’s also one of the safest options out there. Since the debris is quickly vacuumed out of sight, any potential for accidents or injuries is greatly diminished. While conventional digging/drilling has its place in industrial projects, many smaller or more sensitive jobs can use vacuum excavation as a cost-effective and safe alternative.

Hydro digging is a great option when it comes to digging near utilities. Instead of using drills, which can potentially damage underground utilities, we use water and air to cut through the soil. This process greatly reduces the possibility of damaging utility lines. In fact, that’s why hydro digging is one of the most popular vacuum excavation methods we offer!

How Our Team Stands Above The Rest

When you choose LB & Sons, you gain access to an experienced team and a fleet of trucks and equipment that can aid in any project. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured to do the work we do, meaning you can have peace of mind as we operate our equipment. Finally, we hold communication and customer satisfaction paramount. That means you always get updates on the status of our work, and we always aim to exceed our standards and those of the customer.

Choose LB & Sons, Today!

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of our hydro excavation services, then give us a call! We’re ready to help you achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of. Our team specializes in maintaining your deadlines and working within your budget.