Best Types of Fencing For Your Commercial Job Site

Two professionals installing a green metal fence around an El Paso construction site.

If you’re a contractor in charge of massive commercial El Paso construction sites, you likely have a lot on your plate. On top of ensuring that your project stays on track and handling the day-to-day responsibilities, you’re also in charge of ensuring the safety of your employees and passing-by individuals. The best way to do…

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10 Types of Excavation Used in El Paso Construction

An excavator shoveling up dirt in El Paso.

Whether you’re building a house, an industrial building, a barn, or any other type of structure in El Paso, you’ll need to enlist excavation services for your construction site. The type of excavation services you need will depend on what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. To help you better understand what you’re getting…

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What Does Earthwork Mean in El Paso Construction?

A yellow heavy earth mover digging a large hole in the ground and scooping dirt into a white truck in El Paso.

There are many different terms used in the El Paso construction industry. Earthwork is one of the most common and yet least understood of these terms. While the term might sound confusing, earthwork has a straightforward and logical explanation. If you’re curious about what it is and want to learn more about earthwork, you’ve come…

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The Benefits of Using a Commercial Fence on Your El Paso Worksite

A metal fence installation in front of an El Paso worksite with a sign that reads “Danger Construction Area”

Breaking new ground on a construction project or work site is exciting. However, it’s also a time to be cautious and protect your investment. Work sites in El Paso are like candy for thieves and criminals looking for an easy target. At any given time, there are tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools,…

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An Overview of Fences and Why They Are Important for Your Business

Our property is important. The right to our property is enshrined in many founding documents, as our founders understood that a man’s property was in so many ways his livelihood and, many times, a reflection of his labor. If you own a business or a home for that matter, you’ve probably worked hard for it,…

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Hydro Excavation Basics and Benefits

Hydro excavation is under way in el paso

While hydro excavation is a pretty basic process in the drilling business, but we understand that it can be a little more complex than the name suggests. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of vacuum drilling, and why you’ll want a professional on the job.  Hydro Excavation Hydro excavation, by most standards, is one…

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Our Mait Drill HR130 has arrived!

Get ready for some awesome pictures as this drill is like no other. Transport from job to job without disassembly. The power of this drill is amazing! With the ability to drill in large diameters we can take on many jobs with this one drill that would typically require many different types of drills. We…

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The Unbridled Beauty of Hydro Excavation

LB & Sons Drilling, Fences & Concrete

When talking about excavation and construction sites, the term “beauty” rarely, if ever, comes up. There is a subtle, underlying beauty to these acts. Destroying something to create something is as poetic as it gets, even if the construction site looks anything but “poetic” or “beautiful.” A particularly poetic method is that of hydro excavation.…

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