Rock Drilling Services

Our drills can get through any type of rock. Our drills our unique and can get the job done, big or small.

Hole Drilling Services

We have a fleet of drills for all types of hole drilling. Contact us to see which drill is best for your project. 

Earth Work Services

Site Development at its finest! We can clear any site, level any ground, back fill, excavate, develop and much more! 

Low Clearance Drilling Services

Low head drills can fit into tight small quarters that larger drills cannot. LHD's drill a great depth and are easy to maneuver without damaging existing structures. 

Vacuum Excavation

Cost effective and preferred method for professional utility finding, well cleaning and  more! 

Concrete Services

LB& Son's provides concrete services from sidewalks, foundations, parking lots, and more. Let us help you save time and money. 

Site Security Fences

Fences provide security and safety for your site and valuables. Offering temporary and permanent solutions with barb wire options.

Vacuum Services

Our team of vacuum servicing trucks can assist with water overflow, drainage, washouts, and much more! Contact us to determine your needs.

Rebar Tying Services

Get your rebar tied right the first time! We provide top quality rebar tying services in a timely manner. Let us do the job for your right the first time.

Haul Off Services or Delivery

We offer aggregate haul off or delivery of materials. We offer haul off and disposal services of non-hazardous and debris material. Contact us for more information.

LB & Sons Excavation Services, Drilling in El Paso

LB & Sons24/7 Emergency Services Provided for utility repair, commercial signs,drilling, city and government emergencies, weather related damages.


LB & SonsTrained and Certified by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

Safety and Quality top priority


24/7 Services Available

Call us for additional information regarding our services.  For emergency services or faster response call us at 915-479-7060.

Our Services

LB & Son's specialize in many services including rock drilling, hole drilling, foundation drilling, excavation work, diverse earth work projects, wash-out services, vacuum excavation services, rebar tying, fence services, transportation for local sites. We specialize in assisting project managers who are in a bind with deadline and delivery and need a team who has the manpower and equipment needed for the job.

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We share the latest additions to our fleet, update on the newest trends in the market, and share some pictures of our work!