Geotechnical Drilling in Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

A large geotechnical drill drilling into the ground of an El Paso construction site.

Construction projects are lengthy, complicated processes that take time to complete, regardless of their scope or scale. However, before you can get carried away with the actual building process, it’s essential to invest in geotechnical drilling services in El Paso.  In many areas, geotechnical drilling is considered so important, in fact, that it’s required before…

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Enhancing Security and Perimeter Protection: Benefits of Commercial Fencing

A brown solid fence around a construction site in El Paso.

Whether you’re the foreman on a commercial construction site or a commercial property owner, it’s important to protect your employees and assets. While having a security system is a good start, it’s best to have a visible barrier to dissuade any would-be criminals. As a result, many business owners in El Paso are turning to…

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Best Types of Fencing For Your Commercial Job Site

Two professionals installing a green metal fence around an El Paso construction site.

If you’re a contractor in charge of massive commercial El Paso construction sites, you likely have a lot on your plate. On top of ensuring that your project stays on track and handling the day-to-day responsibilities, you’re also in charge of ensuring the safety of your employees and passing-by individuals. The best way to do…

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10 Types of Excavation Used in El Paso Construction

An excavator shoveling up dirt in El Paso.

Whether you’re building a house, an industrial building, a barn, or any other type of structure in El Paso, you’ll need to enlist excavation services for your construction site. The type of excavation services you need will depend on what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. To help you better understand what you’re getting…

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What Does Earthwork Mean in El Paso Construction?

A yellow heavy earth mover digging a large hole in the ground and scooping dirt into a white truck in El Paso.

There are many different terms used in the El Paso construction industry. Earthwork is one of the most common and yet least understood of these terms. While the term might sound confusing, earthwork has a straightforward and logical explanation. If you’re curious about what it is and want to learn more about earthwork, you’ve come…

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The Benefits of Using a Commercial Fence on Your El Paso Worksite

A metal fence installation in front of an El Paso worksite with a sign that reads “Danger Construction Area”

Breaking new ground on a construction project or work site is exciting. However, it’s also a time to be cautious and protect your investment. Work sites in El Paso are like candy for thieves and criminals looking for an easy target. At any given time, there are tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools,…

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Why You Need an Experienced Foundation Driller in El Paso

A large drill for foundation drilling services in a new development.

If you have recently taken on the lead as the project manager of a commercial construction project in El Paso or Southwest Texas, you know that one of the most important parts of a successful project is building a strong foundation—both literally and figuratively! One of the most essential parts of building a foundation for…

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The Importance of Hydro Excavating in El Paso: What You Need to Know 

An LB & Sons vacuum truck operates in El Paso, conducting hydro excavation work. 

Digging into the earth is an important part of growing and expanding our civilization, especially here in El Paso. Erecting structures and cities is part of how human history has evolved. We have adapted our environment to allow the flourishing of the human population. Hydro excavating is a modern form of site preparation that has…

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The Process of Underground Utility Locating: How It’s Done for Safe Digging

A graphic representation of underground utilities

As our cities grow and expand, the need for essential services—such as gas, water, and telecommunications—also increases as buildings, homes, schools, and hospitals require the use of these utilities. Whenever new infrastructure goes up, the complicated work of underground utility locating becomes an essential aspect of construction. Deep beneath the ground we walk on, there…

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The History and Power of the Trusted Bulldozer 

A bulldozer in a dirt lot

Pushing dirt is not a job for the faint of heart. If you’ve ever had a minor digging task in your backyard, you know that breaking soil, digging, and moving it from one place to another can be back-breaking work—certainly enough to get you a nice sunburn and sore arms for the rest of the…

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