The Unbridled Beauty of Hydro Excavation

When talking about excavation and construction sites, the term “beauty” rarely, if ever, comes up. There is a subtle, underlying beauty to these acts. Destroying something to create something is as poetic as it gets, even if the construction site looks anything but “poetic” or “beautiful.” A particularly poetic method is that of hydro excavation. Regular excavation processes lead to debris that then has to be picked up and securely disposed of. Hydro excavation, however, harnesses the natural power of water and combines that with the reliability of vacuum trucks in order to excavate and remove debris all at once. Unlike other methods, hydro excavation produces a much safer construction site. There will be no debris left behind which means there will be fewer injuries. LB & Sons, Inc. proudly provides hydro excavation services all across the Southwest region, from Texas to New Mexico and Arizona.

Get The Most Out of Hydro Excavation

There are countless benefits to hydro excavation. Firstly, since it only makes use of highly pressurized water, there’s no risk of accidentally cutting pipes or wires. Similarly enough, the use of water and a vacuum truck lead to better safety control on the job site. Any soil that gets excavated is immediately sucked into the vacuum so it won’t linger around, leading to issues in the construction site. 

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If you’re interested in hydro excavation, then contact LB & Sons, Inc. today! This is a great option for the more delicate construction sites. And don’t let the fact that we’re using water deter you from choosing this option. Highly pressurized water can quickly and efficiently excavate even the most complicated construction sites. Give us a call today to learn more about our high-quality excavation services!