Pier Drilling in El Paso

Although you won’t find too much water in El Paso, the pier drilling process is often used in our region. Since the Southwest is primarily desert, the ground can be unstable and too soft in many areas to build strong structures upon it. Our services can create pillars to make your foundation capable of withstanding the weight and traffic of a busy building.

Our Pier Drilling Services

Our rigs can power through the ground with no issues. Therefore, we offer a variety of pier drilling services, including:

  • Foundation Pier Building
  • Utility Pier Building
  • Substation Pier Building
  • Commercial Drilling

The Pier Drilling Process

Pier drilling uses an auger to be able to drill deep into the ground. It’s mainly used to create piers and columns used to place a foundation and structure upon. This process is used for unstable ground that can’t support a structure on its own. Piers are built deep enough to be able to hit solid ground or bedrock, which can provide support to hold a structure above it. We see this fairly often in the El Paso region due to our desert landscape.

Our Fleet of Drills Can Tackle Any Project

No matter your situation, our drills can take care of the project presented. We can provide:

  • Auger Drilling: A spiral drilling tool is attached to a motorized shaft and forced into the ground.
  • Bell Pier Drilling: When soil is too soft for normal support, then the augur can be replaced with a bell tool creating a wider shaft at the bottom to help provide additional support.

FAQs About Pier Drilling in the Southwest

What kind of foundation requires pier drilling?
We use this process when there are factors such as intense soil erosion or expansive soils, apparent uplifting focus in the soil, a weak and unstable topsoil layer, or horizontal forces acting against the foundation.

What is the difference between pile boring and pier drilling?
Although boring piles can be used for foundations, they’re different when it comes to size. Boring pile diameters will normally be around 0.6 meters or less. Anything larger than that needs pier drilling to support the weight of heavy structures.

For Timeline and Rates, Contact LB & Sons, Inc.!

We understand how valuable your time is on these projects, and we want to make sure you stay on track. Our rates vary on the job at hand and the equipment needed for the project, but we can provide you with an estimate as we look at the situation. For any questions or if you just need help right away, then give us a call today!