Bulldozer Services for Earthwork in El Paso

When it comes to clearing land and ruble, bulldozing is one of the only ways to get it done correctly. Our bulldozer services for the El Paso region are essential for any project that needs land clearing, involves demolition, or construction clean-up. We have multiple dozers that are prepared to get any job done. Our crew is made up of experts in the field and will make sure your project is handled safely and efficiently. 

Our Bulldozer Services 

When necessary for the job, our bulldozer services can take care of any sort of land moving. With the wide range of weights that our machines can take on, no job is too big or small for the power they have. We’ve been hired for various jobs to take care of moving heavy objects such as:

  • Demolition 
  • Construction clean-up
  • Site preparation
  • Tree clearing
  • Lot clearing
  • Earthwork 
  • Clearing mounds
  • Weed buildup
  • Sand dunes
  • Leveling earth
  • New pad leveling
  • Clearing paths for roads and transportation
  • All types of earth clearing

Our Fleet of Bulldozers is Ready to Take on the Job

We own multiple bulldozers to ensure that we can get any job needed done and taken care of properly. Each bulldozer goes through proper inspection before and after we use them to provide the best safety practices possible. 

No matter what you need to be cleared, our machines can take of it for you. We use CAT machines for their efficiency and quality. 

Currently, we use: 


The CAT D6 is a track-type medium-sized bulldozer with an operating weight of 18 tons (50,650 lb).


The CAT D6 is a track-type medium-sized bulldozer with an operating weight of 32 tons (65,644).


The CAT D6 is a track-type medium-sized bulldozer with a large detachable blade and rear ripper attachment with an operating weight of 43 tons (87,600).

How Our Crew Can Help

When you hire our team for a bulldozing job, you can expect professional service with quality and safety as our focus. Dealing with heavy materials that call for equipment this powerful means precautions must always be taken. We look into the job needed to determine what machine to use and work with you to make sure everything is in place. Having our expertise to examine the location and materials being moved will avoid any and all miscalculations on the weight being handled.  

Contact LB & Sons Today for Rates and Timeline Information

We understand how valuable your time is on these projects, and we want to make sure you stay on track. Our rates vary on the job at hand and the equipment needed for the project, but we can provide you with an estimate as we look at the situation.

We also have a sister company, EP Vacuum Truck, so we have even more resources to provide to you. Whether you have any questions or if you need help right away, then give us a call today!