10 Types of Excavation Used in El Paso Construction

An excavator shoveling up dirt in El Paso.Whether you’re building a house, an industrial building, a barn, or any other type of structure in El Paso, you’ll need to enlist excavation services for your construction site. The type of excavation services you need will depend on what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. To help you better understand what you’re getting into and which type of excavator you’ll need, here are 10 different types of excavation services utilized in El Paso construction. 

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Bridge Excavation 

As the name implies, bridge excavation services are used throughout building various types of bridges. Bridge excavation will clear the area where the footers and foundation of the bridge will sit, as well as backfilling when necessary. 

Topsoil Excavation 

Topsoil excavation is one of the most common forms of excavation in the El Paso construction industry. It includes removing vegetation, trees, rocks, and other obstacles from a construction site to make way for the foundation of your home or business. Topsoil excavation is usually performed by excavators using bulldozers, cranes, and other heavy machinery. 

Earth Excavation 

While topsoil excavation is utilized to remove things from the surface of the soil, earth excavation is digging deeper into the earth to remove soil, rock, and other below-ground materials. Depending on your needs and the depth of your foundation, earth excavation can be several feet or several hundred feet deep into the earth. 

Muck Excavation 

Depending on where you’re excavating or the conditions during excavation, water, and soil can combine to form muck. While similar to other excavation services, muck excavation is messier and more time-consuming and may require special equipment. 

Rock Excavation 

Once again, depending on where you’re excavating, you might run into rocks, granite, and other hard obstacles you can’t remove using normal excavation methods. In this case, you’ll need to invest in rock excavation, breaking down and removing rocks from the excavation site. 


Dredge excavation, aka dredging, is a wet, messy, and time-consuming form of excavation. Dredging is clearing underwater channels from sediment, rocks, and other obstacles that have built up over time. Dredging is necessary to provide safe passage to ships when the sediment has built up to dangerous levels. 

Trench Excavation 

If you’ve ever seen a work crew installing underground gas or power lines, you’ve witnessed trench excavation. Simply put, trench excavation is the process of digging a long trench of varying widths and depths, usually to install underground utilities. 

Borrow Excavation

Unlike other excavation services where you’re removing dirt, rock, and other materials, borrow excavation is just the opposite. Instead of removing something, borrow excavation is where you add dirt, rocks, and other forms of backfill to a project. Borrow excavation services are necessary for leveling or backfilling an area. 

Hydro Excavation

The last type of excavation services we’ll look at is hydro excavation services. Hydro excavation is an excavation method using high-pressure water instead of backhoes and bulldozers to excavate the earth. It’s becoming an increasingly popular option in the El Paso construction industry, especially for trenching and potholing purposes. Because water can’t damage underground utilities, it’s a safer method of digging trenches and locating underground utilities than using a shovel or piece of heavy machinery. 

Hydro excavation is also a very accurate, efficient, and clean way to excavate, thanks to the vacuum trucks that handle the cleanup process. If you think that hydro, aka vacuum excavation, might be right for you, look no further than LB and Sons

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