Welcome our newest drill! All the way from Ancona, Italy, the Ecoline 35 drilling rig.









Coming soon to Texas! Our new Ecoline 35 drilling rig from MAIT Italy.

Our Ecoline 35 drilling rig (EC 35) is currently being built to our specifications in Osimo, in the province of Ancona, Italy, by the phenomenal MAIT team. In the photos above you can see the actual workshop where the drill is being assembled. Maybe we can update you in a later blog on how this drill get’s transported all the way from Italy to El Paso, Tx!

We are very excited about this new addition to our drilling rig fleet. As you know we have some very large drills in the fleet, and a few baby drills, however, the EC 35 drilling rig is a huge game changer for our clients. The Ecoline 35 drilling rig has been designed for working in jobsites with limited space and low height restrictions. With a little over 9 Ft. in length and 7 Ft. in width, this drilling rig can dig up to nearly 50 feet deep in tiny spaces! This new Ecoline 35 drilling rig will allow us to work in small spaces at angles that would have been extremely challenging prior to new design changes in these smaller drills.

The EC 35 drill is mounted on a Komatsu PC80 zero-swing excavator base. According to MAIT, the “innovative drilling system is mounted on the excavator through an articulated arm engineered and manufactured by MAIT that allows for side tilting, the adjustment of the working angle, and the ability to drill up to 1500 mm (5 ft) diameter with certain drilling tools. This new drilling rig design is a one of a kind system, and maximizes it’s compact dimensions for use on the jobsite and for working on slopes.”  Ecoline Drill Rig

Photos curtesy of MAIT website.

Here in the southwest region of the United States we work on many slopes and mountain sides for our clients. Our clients know that our fleet of drilling rigs are capable of digging through any earth in a timely manner, keeping their projects on time and budget. Many of our client’s consider us sub-contracting specialist in drilling. Our drills are called out to job sites to dig through areas that are too tough for their equipment to get through. 

We can’t wait to see this drill in action! And a special thank you to the MAIT team in Italy!

For those of you looking for drills or holes dug in the South West Region, our fleet of drilling rigs at LB & Sons, can tackle almost any type of earth. Call us today to see how we can best serve you because we can dig it.

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