Digging for Uncle Sam: USFCR-Verified Vendor Providing Quality Contracting in El Paso

The United States government is responsible for many large projects and construction ventures across the country. Although many of these public and private works are commissioned by the Federal Government, it is private entities and companies that very often do the tough job and get it done. Americans love to build, innovate, and create; LB & Sons is proud to be part of this long-standing tradition of helping the government’s mission with our excellent service. This is true when it comes to many construction projects. The U.S Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) awards contracts to companies across the country. Let’s take a quick look at what this means, some background on government contracting, and the kind of work we’re doing. 

The SAM Registration with USFCR

As a company that’s been working construction in Texas, New Mexico, and the Southwest for more than thirty years, we are very proud that we now possess a SAM Registration with USFCR. Our long-standing reputation for quality, delivery, and efficient work processes has allowed us to gain the trust of the community in which we work. 

What does this mean and what does this mean for you? 

USFCR is the largest and most trusted System for Award Management (SAM) registration and renewal services company. Over the course of ten years of business, USCFR has completed over 100,000 compliant SAM registrations for businesses and nonprofits all across the country. As a holder of a SAM registration, LB & Sons is now actively working with government contracts and getting some work done all over the region! 

A Word About Government Contracts and Spending 

The history of government contracting goes way back in our country’s history and is really responsible for many great projects over the years that range from space exploration to bridges to road systems and military weapons. In 2018, federal contract spending reached a high of $560 billion. This ranges, of course, from military spending, construction, and other necessary spending done by the government. Chances are that most people encounter some kind of project funded by the government on any given day. From smaller construction projects on the local level, state projects, or national projects, the government often funds some of the important work being done. 

Consider the work of companies like SpaceX and Boeing, responsible for launching rockets into space. These are all private companies that work with the government to develop necessary projects. There are different departments, of course, that commission contracts and they include the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Health and Human Services, General Services Administration, and more. 

It works the same way in construction. The private sector does the tough job of erecting structures, digging, drilling, etc, for any government project. Private entities that enter into a contract with each other represent their own interests and have a little more leeway in how they operate. When entering federal contracts, many of the terms are controlled by law and require the use of certain provisions and clauses. 

Some of the Projects We Have Worked On

As many contractors that have worked with us know, we specialize in many construction services and have a wide range of capabilities. We never compromise quality and work efficiently through every project ensuring that no detail is neglected. Some of our core competencies include:

  • Drilling
  • Earthwork
  • Hydro-excavation
  • Vacuum potholing
  • Vacuum clean up
  • Chain link fence
  • Cement work sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and driveways
  • Foundation drilling 

Recent government work includes some major projects done in nearby Tornillo, Texas and El Paso, Texas. 

Two of our projects were Deployed Resources and Blue Team (BCFS) that dealt with tent cities in these places. There were facilities being used for several purposes including the housing of certain persons and children in the U.S. at the behest of the Federal government. Given the climate of the region, transforming the ground into something easily built on is not always easy. That’s where our expertise comes in. We provide excellent services for site clearing, leveling development, foundation, grading, and excavation services. Some of the work performed in these projects included:

  • Earthwork foundational pad
  • Water clean up
  • Security pod construction
  • Security fences 
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • curbs/gutters/lighting
  • Speed bump installation 
  • Painting
  • And other small jobs as requested 

This work was done with the help of LB & Sons excellent staff and a fleet of equipment that allows for the successful execution of the task. Our vehicles and heavy-duty equipment allow us to do the tough job of hard rock drilling and excavations that are necessary when installing fences or for necessary earthwork. 

Get Your Drilling and Digging Done Right With LB & Sons

After more than three decades in the industry, LB & Sons has become one of the region’s most trusted contractors. Our staff is highly trained and professional, always striving for perfection and quality in everything we do. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.