Meet The Baby Drill: Pocket-Sized Power

In construction, having the right tools is crucial to a job well done. While everyone is enamored with our heavy trucks and machinery, sometimes smaller, more precise equipment is necessary. 

To that end, LB & Sons is proud to introduce the MAIT Baby Drill, a compact wonder-drill perfect for our finer projects. Learn more about how our newest drill can help your next construction project in the latest LB & Sons blog! 

Small Drill, Massive Results

The Baby Drill is pretty compact. How compact? It’s 3.3 ft wide, meaning it can traverse tight spaces that other drills simply can’t manage. Elevator shafts, low roofs, and building interiors are all accessible to our drill.

The Baby Drill can be completely remote controlled as well, keeping our personnel safe from the drill site. The powerpack can be disconnected and placed elsewhere, keeping toxic fumes from accumulating near our teams. 

No matter where you need work done, LB & Sons can use the Baby Drill to get it done. 

Baby Drill Specifications 

Think our Baby Drill is too small to handle the big jobs? Think again! Our drill has the specs to take on any normal drilling operation with ease. 

The Baby Drill has a nominal torque of 12,900 lbsft and a main winch pullback of 5,625 lbs. The secondary winch can handle 2,250 lbs, a little less than half of the main winch. 

The magic numbers, however, are the type of depths and diameters it can produce, which definitely doesn’t disappoint. Holes can be as large as 2 ft wide and 60 ft deep! That’s the height of a 6 story building! 

The icing on the cake is that the drill handles this weighing only 5.4 tons! Such lightweight drill handling heavy-duty jobs just means LB & Sons can handle any job thrown our way! 

LB & Sons Has The Tools For Your Project

The Baby Drill is just one in a large arsenal of tools ready to be used in El Paso and beyond. The tool is only as good as the talent behind it, which is where our company really shines. Regardless of how big the job is, our team will have the knowledge and expertise to tackle it! 

Contact us today to receive a quote and begin your construction project with us!