An Overview of Fences and Why They Are Important for Your Business

Our property is important. The right to our property is enshrined in many founding documents, as our founders understood that a man’s property was in so many ways his livelihood and, many times, a reflection of his labor. If you own a business or a home for that matter, you’ve probably worked hard for it, made sacrifices, and want to ensure that it is protected. It’s why we specialize in fence installation here in the Southwest. There are many benefits to installing a fence around your commercial property. It is key, however, to make sure that your fence is installed by a reputable installer and that you trust the work they are doing so that you don’t run into problems down the road. 

The word “fence” comes from the XIV Century and the word “fens,” a term meaning defense or protection. Since early civilization, fences became important as it was the beginning of the collective recognition of private property and the official end of a hunter-gatherer nomadic civilization to one that is based on agriculture and private property. Fences served as the visual representation and declaration of intention towards a piece of land and a proprietor’s stated responsibility and ownership of it.  Thus a fence has a meaning beyond the demarcation of property; it serves as a warning, a protective barrier that immediately lets people know that the land is not to be trespassed, messed with, etc. Fences also played a role in land appropriation and were used in ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome, when they went out to conquer lands. 

Materials of fences also have changed throughout history. Early fences were made out of stone, a solid durable material. Many ancient stone walls still stand today, like the Great Wall of China. There were also the worm fences, which were constructed out of rough wooden rails set up in a criss-cross fashion. Later fences were also constructed out of wrought iron, wood, and other metals. Today, metal fences are popular for commercial properties, when protecting inventory or property. Not to mention, the use of the white picket fence as the symbol of the American Dream and homeownership. 

Who could forget the famous poem “Mending Fences” by beloved American poet, Robert Frost. This poem is a classic of the American canon and taught frequently to students. “We keep the wall between us as we go,” the poem says as two neighbors talk between the walls that separate their property. The poem poses interesting questions about the meaning of fences and the idea that “good fences make good neighbors.” The truth is, it is important to mark your property and ensure you have a protective barrier. 

Benefits of Having a Fence Around Your Commercial Property 

Demarcation of your property. This is perhaps the first reason why people consider installing a fence. If you own a commercial property and it’s in a busy commercial district or it’s surrounded by other businesses, it might be a good idea to make sure you are demarcating your property. Putting up a fence is the best way to show your property lines and mark the borders. 

Protection of property and inventory. Business owners want to know that their property is well protected and that any inventory that might be sitting outside is also protected and marked off. 

Business reputation. The state of a fence says a lot about a business or business owner. Just like everything that is associated with your business, a fence will speak about the kind of business you run, trustworthiness, and so forth. You want to have a fence that is reflective of your business, is installed properly, and looks well maintained and cared for. 

A sense of security. At the same time that a fence demarcates your borders, it provides a sense of security. It gives you peace of mind that your property is not so easily trespassed and that you can control who goes in and out of your property. Overall it serves as a deterrent for people to avoid messing with your property, your office building, inventory, or anything else.  

When it comes to fence installation, LB & Sons is your trusted company in El Paso. We offer a wide breadth of services for business owners and guarantee your fence will be installed properly and quickly. A bad installation means a fence that might not last as long or get knocked down easily. We do it right. Call the experts today.